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Can u snort risperidone
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The answer is the same as if you snort any other drug,its just a quicker(more painful) way of feeling the drug in your body. Snorting any drug through the nose is .

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Best Answer: Risperidone is an anti-psychotic first of all. There are many side effects to Resperidone, that may or may not occur. As for a high? Risperidone can make .

Features information about dosage, usage, warnings, and side effects.

Related reading What Can Happen If I Snort Painkillers? You'll ruin your sinus membranes. How To Get Painkillers Without Prescription? Prescription Can u snort risperidone drugs you can't get.

how can i snort an oxycontin op 80 just asking You can t The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to prevent abuse If you try to crush it for snorting it .

can you snort risperidone? what are the effects? - Answers on: Seroquel

Wat happens if u snort medication risperidone 1 mg The KGB Agent answer: Not medical advice: Risperidone is an antipsychotic medication & should be taken exactly as .

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snorting vivarin can you snort vivarin, and it wont hurt or anything, i just want a buzz for a few hours? would it be ok to just snort 2 or 4

An experience with Risperidone, Quetiapine & Various. 'Anti-Psychotics, Drugs of the Pyrrhic Victory' by Howl_ofthe_Solipsist

  • topamax snorting side effects. can you snort escitalopram. snort gui centos. can you snort etodolac 400 mg. can you snort morphine sulfate er.

    Can u snort risperidone

    household snort

  • yes, you can. Its not much different than poppin it, which is not much. Except you feel it quicker, as is the case with most/many drugs. Not quite sure of adverse .

    What happens if you snort risperidone? ChaCha Answer: Doctors do not advise you to use a drug other than it is

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